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Website Maintenance Services

Does your site need Website Maintenance services?

Just like your car or house needs to be maintained, so does your website. Whether it may be a small change, like updating your contact details, adding more content, or a bigger one, like a framework (WordPress) or 3rd Party plugin update, your website is in constant need of care and attention. For framework related changes, we will notify you that there is an update available and inform you as to what the benefits, or risks are associated with the update. Whilst smaller changes may be done yourself, larger ones, may cause your site to stop functioning properly, if not tested beforehand and deployed in a proper release management process.

For this reason you may want to have these changes and/or updates done for you. We offer you the following website maintenance services, which are both effective and affordable at the same time.

Website Maintenance Packages

We offer Website Maintenance Services on all of the websites designed and developed by us. These services can be taken on an ad-hoc basis, i.e. as and when needed, or as a monthly service, see options below:

Ad-Hoc Maintenance

R 240 / pay as you go
  • Ad-Hoc maintenance is a pre-paid service that enables quick and efficient website updates
  • Content Updates
  • New Content / Pages
  • Plugin Updates
  • Security Updates
  • -
  • Pre-Paid (Pay as you go)
  • Select

Occasional Website Maintenance

Occasional Website Maintenance is provided to you as and when needed, without you needing to enter into any monthly recurring service. Instead of charging you an hourly rate for any changes you require, we provide you with a number of pre-approved change request tokens, that you can redeem for any maintenance related changes to your website. A simple effort based calculation is used to determine how many change request tokens (CRT’s) are required for each change. Should you no longer have any CRT’s left, or not have enough to effect the change, you can simply purchase a bundle of CRT’s to top up your balance at any time.

What are Change Request Tokens?

Change Request Tokens are purchased and paid for in advance, which means that when you require a change, it can be made immediately, which is really effective for urgent or emergency change requests.

Each CRT provides professional services as required by the customer for a maximum period of 15 minutes or part thereof. Therefore if a change, or update to your site is required that takes us 24 minutes to complete 2 CRT’s will be deducted from your available bundle.


12 tokens
36 tokens
60 tokens

Maintenance Time

60 minutes
180 minutes
300 minutes

Bundle Cost

R 240.00
R 648.00
R 900.00

Cost per 5min token

R 20.00
R 18.00
R 15.00

Change Request tokens never expire and can be topped up very easily by purchasing an additional bundle.

Website Maintenance contract

For larger sites, that may require more frequent changes, a monthly service is a far more efficient and affordable, as any changes required are done through the service at a fixed monthly rate. It is however important to note that the service is purely limited to maintenance changes on your website and cannot be used to add any new content, features or pages to your website.


Light Duty
Heavy Duty


1 hours per month
3 hours per month

Monthly Rate

R 200.00
R 400.00

Please note that the monthly website maintenance service does not carry over. In other words if you have not requested any changes during a month, or your changes did not add up to the maximum limit allowed for your contract, the contract time for the next month is reset to the contract value and no time can be accumulated.