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Domain Name Services

Affordable Domain Name Registration

A critical part to setting up a personal or business website is securing your domain name through domain registration services. Your domain is part of your online brand so it is important to secure a memorable name that relates to the name of your company. It is even better if you can register a domain name that relates to products or services that your business offers. A domain is registered in your name, but requires an annual (in most cases) renewal with the registrar of the relevant domain, in order for it to belong to you.

Online Order (Self Service)

We currently support the online ordering of your .co.za domain name, by using the Domain Name Search widget. You can search for the domain name you wish to register and if it is available register it yourself. Should you however wish to register any other Top Level Domain, like .com, .net etc. you will need to provide us with the relevant information via our query form and we will register it on your behalf, provided it is available.

Domain Extension



R   95.00
R 155.00
R 155.00
R 275.00
R 190.00

Renewal Period

per annum
per annum
per annum
once off *
per annum

* Only available to non-commercial entities

What is Domain Management?

Domain management is the process of managing all the details about your domain like the DNS, contact information, email forwarding and URL forwarding. We offer the following as part of the Domain Management services:

URL Forwarding

Many business owners register their domain name with various different TLDs (.com, .net, .org, .biz, etc) to protect their brand from others. URL forwarding then allows you to point all the domains to a single domain. The .com domain is often the preferred choice to forward the other TLDs.

Domain name Parking

If you have a website that is still under construction, domain name parking allows you to register your domain now and park it until your website is ready to go live. You certainly don’t wait to register your domain name and risk losing it. Get it now and park it until your website is ready to launch.

DNS Management

We will manage all of your DNS for you, to ensure that your website and e-mail service always run optimally.

Custom E-Mail Addresses

When you register a domain name, you also get access to custom email addresses at your very own domain. You can set up your own email as well as for the employees of your company.

You get all these great features free when you secure your domain with our Internet domain registration services.