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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing Consulting Services

SEM stands for “Search Engine Marketing”, which is basically the process of gaining traffic from or visibility on search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. The way we obtain this visibility is through two SEM activities namely Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay per Click Advertising (PPC).

Once you have created your website it is important to make it as visible as possible to potential clients. This is called creating awareness and is a crucial step in ensuring online success. In order to understand how important search engine marketing is to you, you need to understand how it impacts on your clients. Clients will typically follow a simple yet logical buying process that begins with Awareness and ends with them buying a product or service. The following 5 steps are what every client follows when they use a Search Engine to buy a product or service.

Search Engine Marketing

5 Steps to match Online buying cycle

  1. Create Awareness – through SEO, PPC & Social Media
  2. Build a Need – through SEO, PPC, Newsletters & Social Media
  3. Give more information – through SEOPPC, Newsletters, Flyers & Social Media
  4. Unique Value Proposition – through SEO, PPC, Newsletters, Flyers & Social Media
  5. Sell, Sell, Sell – through SEOPPC, Newsletters, Flyers & Social Media

Search Engine Marketing focusses on getting the client to consider your products or services when they go through the buying process. If your services are not visible to them when they are doing their research, it is extremely unlikely that they will end up buying from you.

Our professional and systematic process will ensure that your products and services are visible and are displayed when it is relevant to the clients needs. Never miss out on any opportunity again.