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Pay per Click Advertising

Why you should use Pay per Click Advertising for your business

There are a number of reasons why you should use Pay per Click Advertising over more traditional advertising mediums. This is especially true if you have a limited advertising budget and are trying to gain customers, instead of building your brand, or creating brand awareness through your advertising efforts.

Pay per Click Advertising is highly customisable and can be used in a more focused approach. Everything about Pay per Click advertising is customized. You can customise your daily budget, time of display, and position, which ensures that you are able to control your spend and maximise your reach at the same time. Your advert is only displayed to potential clients, who are actively searching for your products or services. Another great feature is that you only pay for the advert if someone actually clicks on your ad and not for your ad being displayed. Therefore with a properly designed and worded ad via PPC you can achieve a far higher return on your advertising spend through direct sales and new customer acquisitions.

Pay per Click Advertising also opens up your business to a more global customer base at a fraction of the cost that traditional advertising would.

Outsource Management vs Do it yourself

We all sometimes decide to try and do things ourselves, from “fixing” the toaster to “servicing” our car. What is the motivation behind this behaviour? Is it that we are trying to prove to ourselves or our friends, colleagues or family that we can? Or, is it to save money?

How often have we spent hours and hours trying to do things ourselves, only to end up phoning an expert to help? And how often are we then told that if only we had called earlier we could have actually avoided making things worse and more importantly less costly to fix?

We have all been there and we have all “got the T-Shirt” to prove it! 

You have also probably on more than one occasion told your client:

  • “leave it up to the professionals to do”
  • “it is cheaper if you let us do it for you”
  • “you get better results letting a professional do it”
  • “time you spend trying to do it yourself is costing your business money”
  • “you’re better off focussing on your clients and business and let us do it for you” etc.

THIS IS NO DIFFERENT… Letting us manage your Pay per Click advertising for you will:

  • Save you money
  • Save you time
  • Let you focus on your clients / “core business”
  • Grow your client base
  • Increase your revenue

Our Pay per click Management Packages

Online Advertising has changed over the years from simple banners on websites to more sophisticated and targeted Pay per Click Advertising on offer today. We provide Pay per Click management services using the biggest online platform around today, nl. Google. So, if you are looking to expand your marketing and advertising activities to include Google Pay per Click advertising, let the professionals manage it for you, so you can focus on your business and clients.

* Analysis & Recommendations, based on industry best practises. Increases Click through rate (CTR), reduces advertising cost
** Increases Conversion rate. Get more clients from the additional traffic to your site by having optimised landing pages (don’t just increase traffic and save costs – GET MORE CLIENTS)

How we do it?

Managing a Pay per Click advertising campaign cost effectively and ensuring that your marketing and advertising objectives are met, requires meticulous planning and competent execution. A detailed understanding of the ever changing environment, tools and advertising rules are an absolute prerequisite, which is why we have adopted a very specific and proven process to compliment our knowledge, expertise and ad management tools. By following this process we are guaranteed to improve your return on investment, lower your “Cost per Acquisition” (CPA) and also reduce the advertising spend “wastage”.

Pay per Click management

Why our Pay per Click Advertising Campaigns work

We use the latest tools and technologies to provide your business with the most relevant information and guidance on how to successfully promote your products and services on the internet. We apply a simple four step process to each Online Marketing & Advertising campaign in order to minimise your risk and maximise your online driven revenue opportunities.

Plan PPC Ad Campaign


As the saying goes “Fail to Plan & you Plan to Fail”. Planning is a critical step in your Online Marketing & Advertising endeavours. We will provide you with a detailed analysis of relevant keywords to be used in your campaign. We also provide relevant insights into the current trends on the internet, competitor’s websites etc. and look at historic trends by season and location for the specific search keywords to be used in your advertising campaign.

Create PPC Advertising


We create and maintain your PPC Adverts & Campaigns. Ads are created across Search & Display networks. We create functional, yet engaging ads using your desired keywords, contact details and ensure that the ad delivers qualified leads to you, or your website, which increases your closure rate and improves your Return on Investment.

Place PPC Advertising


Once the Ad has been created, we place it on the most cost effective and relevant websites. This is done by ensuring that the ad is displayed when the user is viewing relevant topics to your business, products, or services. This includes showing your ad only to specific client demographics, locations or even during certain times. All of these actions are aimed at ensuring that you get the most value for your advertising spend.

Measure PPC Advertising


It goes without saying that we all want to know what we have spent our money on. We provide you with detailed Ad & Campaign related information in the form of a monthly report that outlines exactly how much money you have spent on each campaign, what the success of each campaign was, by providing you with the exact number of times your ad was shown, how many successful click through’s to your site have been recorded and when combined with Google Analytics, we can even show you what the visitors did once they got to your site. You are now finally able to measure the success of your advertising campaigns!